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The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast

Aug 9, 2015
01 - The Jaguar Story - Inception to Launch

In this unexpectedly-massive episode, I talk about how the Atari Jaguar came to exist, include a bunch of magazine and newspaper references, and describe the console both inside and out. There are a lot of stories and a ton of great user submissions.  And maybe a spider.


SHOW NOTES (links and references)

## Helpful Links Throughout

Michael Current's (Awesome) Atari History Timeline (Jaguar era)

Atari Jaguar FAQ

## Flare

Konix Multisystem Lineage


John Mathieson Interview

Martin Brennan Interview

Blitter Definition

Konix Multisystem Promo Video

## Transputer & Panther

Transputer Link 1

Transputer Link 2

Panther Specifications

EGM November 1990 (Panther rumors)

Panther Discussion on AtariAge

Panther Article in UK Magazine

AEO 0211 (.zip file) (Panther as 16-bit, replaced by Jaguar)

EGM August 1991 (Panther scrapped, first Jaguar news)

## The Jaguar

EGM November 1992 (Quartermann's doubts)

EGM January 1993 (Jag dev units, 32-bit RISC, more Jag info)

AEO 0204 (.zip file) (Jag dev units going out)

EGM April 1993 (Ugh)

EGM June 1993 (Jaguar missing CES)

Newspaper article, 1993-06-29

Newspaper article, 1993-08-23

AEO Jaguar Special Edition (.zip file)

EGM August 1993 (Jaguar announcement)

GamePro October 1993 (Jaguar announcement)

Newspaper article, 1993-08-24ish

Newspaper article, 1993-08-28

Neo Geo AES Specifications

3DO Designer Reference

Under 50 Bucks! (Now isn't that nice?)

Computer Chronicles, 1994 Winter CES

EGM February 1994 (First Jag ad)

EGM March 1994 (Second Jag ad)

EGM July 1994 (Locating a Jag is hard, Do the Math ad)

Jaguar in Japan

AEO 0301 (Jaguar press awards)

Gamepro December 1993 (System Shopper)

Jaguar Box w/ Cybermorph

Jaguar box w/o Cybermorph

Motorola 68000 Applications

RetroGaming Roundup 001 (is the Genesis the name of a band or a console?)

Jaguar block diagram (from AEO Jaguar Special Edition, converted into a more common format, with corrected aspect ratio)

What's Knott's Berry Farm? (and what does that have to do with Jaguar? Listen to find out!)

Rob Zdybel Interview with RetroGaming Roundup

id's John Carmack on Jaguar Limitations

Nintendo 64 on Wikipedia

GamePro November 1993 (Atari 2600 and 5200 are 4-bit systems)

Jaguar RF

Jaguar SCART Cable Discussion here and here

Area 51 Gameplay Video

## Controller

Atari STe

Enhanced Joystick Port

EGM April 1991 (Panther controller keypad rumor)


## Cartridges

Cart Color Variations

List of Overlays

## Boot Sequence

Jaguar Encryption

Lx Rudis Interview

Jaguar Roar

Big Cat Roars

Spinning Cube Easter Egg

## Misplaced Links

Jaguar Controller Variations

ATD Works Jaguar Bugs with Flare

AEO 0219 (.zip file) (Additional launch party info)

## Listener Feedback Links

My Loser Phase (by Hugues Johnson)

Get Excited and Make Things (by Wil Wheaton)

## Stories

Horizon Computers

LDW Power Review

VIP Professional Review

MIST FPGA Computer with MIDI (on Shinto's Christmas List)