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The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast

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Jan 28, 2016

Light up the webs in the critically-acclaimed abstract shooter Tempest 2000 by Llamasoft. This ox-sized episode features plentiful music, a detailed analysis, an overview of sequels and derivative games, several personal stories, and music. Did I mention the music?

Also included is feedback from doctorclu, Trooper Galactus, Louis, Bill Kendrick, and The Requiem!

Complete show notes can be found at

This episode has been modified since its original publication.
Changes applied on 2021-07-04:

  • Updated theme music (to version 3)
  • Compressed voice track
  • All music is now in stereo! This was a major oversight before.
  • Balanced music volume a bit better
  • Re-recorded the first 25 minutes or so, to sound less asleep and remove most of Bishop's interruptions
  • Added a drop-in edit about how to enter initials using the rotary controller
  • Re-recorded the part about Space Giraffe
  • Removed mention of first getting the soundtrack with the JaguarCD, which was wrong
  • Removed "Excellent" at the very end, which didn't fit

Next episode: Kasumi Ninja!