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Covering Atari's last video game console and its library, one game at a time.
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The Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast

Dec 13, 2016
16 - Zool 2

Serious ninjas in a cruel Krool world: play as Zool or Zooz to banish Krool's shape-shifting henchman Mental Block from six crazy worlds in this challenging and cartoony platform game on the Jaguar. In this episode, I cover a little history of Gremlin Interactive, describe the colorful levels and inventive enemies, list some amusing instrument names from the .mod file metadata, and gush about cheat codes.

Also included in this episode is some excellent feedback from Lost Dragon, Wade, Jon, and Doctor Clu!

Stick around after the Zool 2 coverage for an announcement, a couple barely-related stories, and a surprise mash-up, which is made slightly less surprising by being mentioned here.

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Next episode: Val d'Isère Skiing and Snowboarding

Oct 24, 2016
15 - Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Everybody was kung-fu fighting in this video game adaptation of the 1993 Bruce Lee biographical film. Learn the moves, listen to (most of) the music, and hear about the different ports of Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story in this episode of the Atari Jaguar Game by Game Podcast.

Also included is feedback from Björn, Doctor Clu, Lost Dragon, bmx, Trooper Galactus, and Jagosaurus!

Stay tuned to the very end for Storytime in Hong Kong, plus a Jaguar Halloween greeting!

Full show notes are available at:

Coming up next episode: the fast-paced platform game Zool 2

Sep 18, 2016
14 - DOOM

Take on the evil denizens of the underworld in this notable port of the seminal first-person shooter! In this episode, I continue the history of id Software through the release of DOOM (and a little beyond), go over the development of the Jaguar version, cover the competing ports of the game, test out the networking, and play a lot of the Jaguar version's music. Yes, music!

This is easily the biggest episode of the podcast so far, but that's OK, because after all, we're talking about DOOM here.

There are personal stories galore, plus feedback from DoctorClu, Lost Dragon, Louis, Arethius, and BTB!

Full show notes are available at

Join me next time for Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

Aug 11, 2016
13 - Wolfenstein 3D

Step behind your chaingun and face down the Nazi horde in this pioneering first-person shooter. In this episode, you'll hear about id Software's early history, comparisons of Wolfenstein 3D on different platforms, detailed analysis of the Jaguar version, and plenty of music from the game.

Also included is feedback from Zach, Jagosaurus, Hugh, and Liam!

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Coming up next episode is id Software's follow-up FPS, Doom!

Thank you for listening.

Jul 8, 2016
12 - Iron Soldier

Stomp tanks and bash buildings as you pilot a towering robot in Iron Soldier! Game development history, weapons, enemies, levels, controls, reviews, memories, and regrettable singing, it's all here in this episode.

There's also feedback from Arethius, The Requiem, and GRay Defender!

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Coming up in the next episode: Wolfenstein 3D

Jun 3, 2016
11 - Bubsy in: Fractured Furry Tales

Jump and glide and die (and die some more) in the colorful platformer Bubsy in: Fractured Furry Tales! Learn about the development history, get full detail on the various worlds and enemies, listen to the music, hear the contemporary interviews, and get my personal experience with the game.

Also included is feedback from jeremiahjt, Troff, Guillaume, Wade, and Ferg!

Oh, and there's also a special surprise guest.

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Coming up next: Iron Soldier

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Feb 27, 2016
10 - Kasumi Ninja

Strap on your headband and show no mercy in this notorious over-the-top tournament fighting game. This episode contains development history, information on all the fighters, the missing labyrinth, the announcer voice, cheat codes, and maybe even a musical number.

Also included is feedback from doctorclu, Troff, and Trooper

Full show notes are available at

Coming up next: Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales!

Jan 28, 2016
09 - Tempest 2000

Light up the webs in the critically-acclaimed abstract shooter Tempest 2000 by Llamasoft. This ox-sized episode features plentiful music, a detailed analysis, an overview of sequels and derivative games, several personal stories, and music. Did I mention the music?

Also included is feedback from doctorclu, Trooper Galactus, Louis, Bill Kendrick, and The Requiem!

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Next episode: Kasumi Ninja!